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Gentlemen's Bar
Our Price: $7.00

This bar has been especially scented for the true gentleman. A combination of bay rum and lime blended together make a sophisticated fragrance for that special man. This bar is brown with a darker brown swirl throughout.
Green Leaves
Our Price: $7.00

This sage green bar with brown swirl is a blend of 5 essential oils; geranium, bergamot, petitgrain, coriander and cassia, with a touch of amber fragrance oil to make this bar complete. The fragrance blend is clean and “green” and we believe men as well as women will like the fresh fragrance.
Northern Lights
Our Price: $7.00

Or, you may call it aurora borealis; a luminous display of various forms and colors seen in the night sky, often visible in Canada and the northern part of the U.S. This bar is a beautiful shade of sage green, with artistic swirls of red, burgundy and white with a "north of the border" fragrance that will knock your socks off. Well, that's a good thing. You don't want to have your socks on when you are showering any way...
Peppermint Rosemary
Our Price: $7.00

Once water is added, the fragrance of this minty exfoliating bar will be a wonderful wake up call. Leaves your skin feeling tingling clean, and your head clear. A favorite for those who have a hard time waking up in the morning, this just may help!
Plain James
Our Price: $7.00

For the man in pursuit of pure and clean….no fragrance, no colorant. This shea butter recipe will give you large manly bubbles when you lather, and is known to help moisturize the skin. We challenge you to look up shea butter on the Internet and educate yourself on all the wonderful values of this ingredient.
Our Price: $7.00

This bar will put a "bugle in your bathroom". A combination of four essential oils gives this bar it's pungent aroma that will jolt you awake. The yellow bar has a green swirl and seems to be a morning favorite.
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